Worth the Weight: Making London’s deliveries greener and smarter


We are incredibly grateful to all those who shared their time and expertise with us throughout the course of this project.

Particular thanks are due to the members of our Advisory Group: Alan Barrie (Managing Director, Delivering London), Kelly Davis (Principal Consultant, Momentum Transport Consultancy), Neil Herron (CEO, Grid Smarter Cities), Toby Hiles (Director of Strategic Development, Grid Smarter Cities), Kate Langford (Programme Director, Impact on Urban Health), Shanon Lim (Deputy Manager – Exposure Science, Imperial College London), Paul Newman (Team Leader – Environmental Protection, London Borough of Southwark), Natasha Patel (Director, Baringa), Ben Pearce (Portfolio Manager, Impact on Urban Health), Polyvios Polyviou (Strategy and Planning Manager – EVs and Freight, Transport for London), Nicki Whittaker (Director of Marketing & Communications, Prologis UK) and Robin Woodbridge (Head of Leasing and Capital Deployment, Prologis UK).

We would also like to thank Greg Slater, Elizabeth Fonseca and Oliver Lord at the Environmental Defense Fund Europe for their research contribution to this report. In addition, we would like to thank all our anonymous interviewees for generously giving their time. We particularly thank Nadine CollinsSmith (Head of Thames Vision Delivery, Port of London Authority), Joe Dack (Transportation Logistics Project Manager, HDR), Thomas Parker (Senior On-Road Policy Manager, Amazon UK), Ian Wainwright (Independent Consultant, Future City Logistics) and Martin Wedderburn (Director, Wedderburn Transport Planning) for their advice and comments on the report.

Our thanks also go to our colleagues at Centre for London for making this report happen – especially Jeeshan Choudhury, Rumela Kundu, Ines Oliveira, Denean Rowe and Jon Tabbush for their help conducting fieldwork. Nevertheless, the views expressed in this report are solely those of the authors, and all errors and omissions remain our own. Finally, this project would not have been possible without the generous support of our Principal Sponsor, Prologis UK; our Major Sponsor, Grid Smarter Cities; our Funder, Impact on Urban Health; and our Supporting Sponsor, the London Borough of Southwark.