City skills: Strengthening London’s further education offer


We are grateful to all those who have given their expert advice to this project, in particular: Laura Bowman (Charities Manager, The Schroder Foundation), Stephen Evans (Chief Executive, Learning and Work Institute), Julia Harrowsmith (Senior Manager, Skills and Employment Policy, Greater London Authority), James Lee (Principal Policy Officer, Skills Strategy and Policy, Greater London Authority), Laura LewisDavies (Learning Manager, Design South East), Sam Windett (Director of Policy, Impetus), Christopher Winch (Professor of Educational Philosophy and Policy, King’s College London). We would also like to thank our colleagues at Centre for London for their invaluable advice during the project, Richard Brown and Joanna Corfield. The views in this report are solely those of the authors. All errors and omissions remain our own.

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of our funder, The Schroder Foundation.