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The London Intelligence – Spring 2023

The London Intelligence tells London’s story through data.

This publication explores the latest Snapshot of Londoners survey results, produced in partnership with Savanta.

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  • 39% of Londoners reporting that they’re struggling to make ends meet. To cope, a majority of Londoners say they’re cutting back – spending less on clothes (64%), eating out (63%), and holidays (54%).
  • 59% of Londoners have seen an increase in their housing costs – including 65% of renters. 38% of renters say their landlord has failed to make essential repairs to their home in the past year.
  • Only 27% of Londoners felt they can influence the decisions made about their local areas. Less than half of Londoners agree their local area is well looked after by their council.
  • 52% of Londoners said they are happy with the provision of rail and bus services, with 20% saying they were unhappy – up from 14% in 2021.
  • Only 31% of Londoners agree that the police can be relied on to deal with minor crimes, down from 35% in March 2022. And only 45% trust the police to deal with major crimes, down from 50% in March 2022.

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