Essay collection

Go East: Unlocking the Potential of the Thames Estuary

This report makes the case for a focused and staged approach to the redevelopment of London’s Docklands and the Thames Estuary.

For decades governments have attempted to redevelop London’s Docklands and the Thames Estuary. While small parts of inner east London have been, or are being, transformed, housing and jobs growth across the East Thames as a whole has been disappointing.

The huge potential of this area, often referred to as the ‘Thames Gateway’, is partly a result of its sheer physical size. It covers some 100,000 hectares stretching from Tower Bridge to the mouth of the Thames.

Go East: Unlocking the Potential of the Thames Estuary makes the case for a more focused and staged approach to the development of the Thames Gateway.

Lead by former Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis, and with contributions from leading developers, planners, policymakers and academics, this collection of essays sets out a series of recommendations to improve transport links, bridge the Thames and create new towns.

Taken together, Go East offers a practical agenda for development – one that will build on the Estuary’s rich heritage whilst helping London to meet its challenges.


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