Londoners’ Views on Brexit

In the first poll of Londoners’ expectations post-Brexit, we find out how people are feeling about the city's future, and what they think the Government’s priorities should be.

Ahead of the London Conference 2016, Centre for London commissioned ComRes to poll Londoners on their expectations for the capital post-Brexit.

The survey showed that Londoners’ think their city will maintain its position as a leading global city, but place a premium on continuing access to the Single Market.

However, there is clear concern and uncertainty among Londoners about the impact that Brexit will have both on the capital in the short term, and on their own finances, particularly among young Londoners.

Next steps for Government

The poll gave an indication of what Londoners think the Government should prioritise:

  • Just one in three Londoners think that central Government has London’s best interests at heart.
  • Nearly three in five think London should be given more powers and control over its finances to ensure the city’s continuing success after Brexit.
  • 58 per cent of Londoners think that London’s immigration system should remain consistent with the rest of the UK.

Cost of living

Londoners are concerned about the impact Brexit could have on cost of living;

  • Three quarters think that the price of day-to-day products such as food and clothing will increase.
  • Two in five think that it will have a negative impact on their personal finances.
  • Only 17 per cent of Londoners think that leaving the EU will result in wages going up and one in four expect them to go down.

London’s relationship with the rest of the UK

The survey also suggests that Londoners feel unsure about their relationships – both with fellow Londoners, and the rest of the UK – in the wake of Brexit:

  • 41 per cent of Londoners feel distant from the rest of the UK in the wake of Brexit.
  • Over one in three feel that negative perceptions of London from the rest of the UK are holding the capital back.
  • Half of Londoners think that the EU referendum has had a negative impact on social cohesion in London.