This is the final report from the London Futures review. It sets out a new vision for London as a fairer, safer, greener, and more prosperous city.

London is a great city. Yet as our 2020 London at a crossroads report showed, its future is uncertain. There are significant challenges in making London work better for all and the case for London in the nation’s priorities needs to be remade.

Our research explored what Londoners would like to see prioritised in London’s future. This report finds that Londoners are highly concerned about personal safety, health and protection from future epidemics. Londoners also prioritise housing and homelessness, as well as a recovery that delivers jobs and economic growth after the pandemic. There was also a strong consensus that more needs to be done to make London fairer.

Working with London government, businesses, universities, charities, and community groups, we’ve developed 10 priorities for making London greater. We believe these new ambitions will help to grow the city’s dynamism, boost its capacity to connect us, help solve our multiple environmental crises and increase the protective safety net for all.

Our vision

Every Londoner should…

  • Have enough money to afford everyday essentials.
  • Have a home which is in good repair, large enough for their needs, and where they feel secure.
  • Not suffer from illnesses which could be prevented through better homes, neighbourhoods and employment.
  • Have access to high streets, parks and public spaces that work well for families, friendships, businesses and communities.
  • Have access to learning throughout their life so they can use their talents to the full.

…and London should be

  • Rapidly post-carbon, adopting new circular economy and pro-nature approaches as the new normal.
  • The best physically and digitally connected city on the planet.
  • The safest city anywhere, especially for women and girls.
  • The most welcoming city in the world for visitors, the hardworking, the talented, and those most in need.
  • Governed to the highest standards – including preparedness against future threats – and home to the most innovative and dynamic markets, businesses and organisations in the world.

Ambitions and aspirations

The report also sets out targets for 2030 and aspirations for 2050 with measures that will help the city achieve them and who might be able to make them a reality. These include:

  • An independent review of London’s policing needs, and the creation of a new Greater London Police Service.
  • Increasing local housing allowance for London renters and devolving powers to allow for better regulation of landlords.
  • Matching benefits and the minimum wage to the real cost of living in London.
  • Investing in improved access to high-quality outdoor space for all Londoners.

This report is the culmination of our London Futures review. We hope our vision for a greater London can help rally Londoners together and make the case for improving our city. Our next major project will focus on many of the challenges discussed – addressing London’s place in the levelling up debate and the many areas within London that need levelling up too. You can find out more about this work here.


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