Linking London: A New Generation of Crossings to Revitalise the East Thames

This report provides a financially and politically robust plan for delivering a new generation of river crossings that will unleash the potential of the East Thames.

The area along the eastern section of the Thames has long had the potential to accommodate new homes for Londoners. With London’s population growing, and house prices rising, this is now more important than ever.

Despite years of attention from policymakers, however, the area is yet to deliver on its significant potential. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of river crossings in the area.

West of Tower Bridge, the banks of the Thames have been tightly knitted together by tunnels and bridges. To the east, however, the river still separates people from jobs, businesses from suppliers, and families from affordable homes.

This report provides a robust plan for delivering a new generation of river crossings that will unify the area, and transform economic connectivity.

Key recommendations

  1. A package of new crossings should be developed in order to unlock a wave of regeneration travelling eastwards along the Thames Estuary.
  2. TfL should fully work up, and seriously consider, the case for an immersed tunnel at Gallions, rather than a bridge or ferry.
  3. A special purpose company, along the lines of Crossrail, should be established to oversee the delivery of new crossings.
  4. The crossings should be funded from a mixture of sources.


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