What London Thinks

An escalating housing crisis. Public services in disarray. An ongoing cost-of-living crisis. What do Londoner’s think are the biggest issues of the day, and what do they want politicians to focus on this year?

With the London Mayoral Election scheduled in May, and a general election right around the corner, we need to listen to what Londoner’s truly think about the way the capital functions for them.

In an initiative with our long-standing data partner Savanta, we’ll be analysing regular polling data to get to the heart of issues affecting Londoners.

Our first edition will focus particularly on Londoner’s voting intentions in the lead up to the Mayoral Elections. Which policies are likely to win popularity? Which issues will be at the forefront of the debate? And, significantly, who are Londoner’s planning on voting for?

What London Thinks has evolved from The London Intelligence, a snapshot of the state of London and the views its residents hold that we begun in 2017. Read more about The London Intelligence here.

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