Moving with the times: transport solutions for London

Centre for London is running an ambitious series of research and events to address the major challenges of transport in London, and shape the future of how people move around in our city.

London’s transport challenge

The pandemic has thrown assumptions about London’s future travel needs, and TfL’s finances, into the air. We still face an urgent need to improve air quality, achieve net zero and promote modal shift. And new technologies still present disrupting and exciting opportunities for getting around the city. But patterns of how people live, work and commute are rapidly changing, and we can no longer take ever-growing investment in our transport system for granted.

We risk a nightmare scenario in which we return to the bad old days of under-investment and managed decline. The need for new thinking on transport in London has never been more pressing.   We can create a new vision for a financially and environmentally sustainable transport system that faces the new realities, and enables people and things around the city better than ever.

Mapping a way forward

Centre for London is ideally placed to bring together partners, experts and policy makers to come up with the new thinking that gives the Mayor, local authorities, and government the tools to give our city the sustainable, accessible and comprehensive transport system that it needs.

This is an ambitious programme of research, awareness raising and advocacy. It will take a holistic view of how Londoners can and could get around the city, from walking and micromobility to buses and transit, with deep-dives into specific areas of policy.

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