What influences Londoners’ wellbeing, and what can help? 

We’re working with the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London to find out what influences Londoners’ wellbeing, and how to improve it. 

Our team is tracking Londoners’ wellbeing with data from Understanding Society, a longitudinal study which asks the same people questions about their lives every few years.   

Using this information, we’ll find out how people’s wellbeing changes over time and space.

In doing so, we’ll identify how factors such as age, gender, housing, neighbourhood, leisure, health and employment relate to wellbeing, and which are most impactful.   

We’ll share our findings with experts, working with them to develop policy tools at a national, regional and local level that can improve wellbeing across the entire city, for all Londoners.  

We’ll also look at where support could be targeted for the individuals and groups that need it the most.  

We expect to publish our project report in September 2023.  

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