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London’s future depends on its ability to reflect, reinvent and innovate. Through London ideas we champion fresh, original thinking with the potential to transform London – and cities around the world – for the better.

London ideas magazine

Our magazine combines essays, interviews, and profiles with data analysis. It is read by London councils, policymakers and civic, business and third sector leaders.

The latest issue of London ideas looks at an optimistic future for the city.

You can read the most recent issue here, published before the pandemic, which explored the ingredients needed to keep central London thriving as a social city centre, and how to manage the demands place upon it. You can also catch up on the first and second issues.

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London essays

Since 2015 we have published a regular thematic journal, with contributions by the Centre for London team and external contributors. The series began with London Essays, before relaunching, in 2018 as London ideas. Both London Essays and London ideas have been generously supported by Capital & Counties Properties PLC, with whom Centre for London has a long-standing and much-valued partnership.

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