Open City – London After Brexit

Centre for London and the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath are undertaking a research project to examine what London needs to do to maintain and strengthen its position as a global city in the context of the challenges posed by Brexit.

In the weeks after the EU Referendum, Centre for London developed a register of the potential risks from leaving the EU. While some risks have lessened in likelihood since July, Government has moved away from continued membership of the Single Market in order to clamp down on immigration.

The capital has many advantages it can trade on, but if it wants to maintain its prosperity outside the EU, London will have to address its chronic challenges.

The project will explore how London can continue to attract and retain workers from across the world, focusing on migration, skills and employment, housing and infrastructure, and fiscal measures.

Drawing on this research, Centre for London will be publishing a Brexit manifesto on Wednesday 17 May.  The final report will be released in early July 2017.