Wulf Dakesing

Professor | University of Freiburg

From 1984 to 2012 Wulf was the Head of Urban Planning in the city of Freiburg (Germany), regarded as a case study and example of excellence in urban development internationally. Wulf is currently a professor at University of Freiburg. Since the beginning of his activities as a planner Wulf has been advocating for the urban development of dense, heterogenic cities orientated on public transportation, decentralisation and short distances in social equilibrium with differentiated citizen participation. The ruling principle is to achieve a balance between economy, ecology, cultural diversity, and most importantly social life.

Jamie Smith


09.00–17.00 4 November 2014 | Venue: Royal Festival Hall

London Conference 2014 What should London be asking for from the new national government, and what should the new government be looking for from London?