Oriane was Research Manager at Centre for London. She joined in January 2023 and was responsible for managing research projects on a range of topics. Before joining the team, Oriane worked at the Office for National Statistics leading on inclusivity projects to increase participation of under-represented groups in UK national surveys. Oriane also previously worked in both private and public sectors in France and in the UK.  

Oriane has a degree in Urban Policy and her research interests include equality, urban labour market and housing. 

Outside of work, Oriane enjoys spending time with her friends, going to the cinema, and reading fiction books.  

What do you love about London? 

I love London’s vibrant nightlife and large parks – Rye Common is one of my favourite places. I also love the fact that there are foxes everywhere! 

What would you change about London if you could? 

I would like to make London affordable for everyone. I would also like London’s air pollution problem to be solved.