Kate is Head of Events at Centre for London. She joined the Centre first as an intern in 2010, then returned as Events Officer in 2015; she now leads the Events team overseeing strategy and content. Before joining Centre for London, Kate worked in international finance, social enterprise and service design.

Kate has a MSc in urbanisation and economic development. She is interested in cross cultural communication and how we can effectively weave communities together in changing urban neighbourhoods. 

What do you love about London?
I love London’s incredible diversity of people and experience, which is often best reflected at its wonderful street and food markets. 

What would you change about London if you could?
I would make it so London’s economy truly valued social and environmental costs and gains – starting with affordable and well-designed housing for everyone. 



08.30–17.40 7 November 2018 | Venue: Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3LN

The London Conference 2018 How can London respond to disruptive times and become an inclusive, working capital?