Dominic is one of the leading global investors in the early stage technology domain. He has invested in over 50 companies, from Australia to Finland, with a particular focus on fintech, proptech and climate tech.

Until recently, Dominic was Co-Founder & Managing General Partner of Pi Labs. He lead the firm, was a director on the Board and a voting member of the Investment Committee. He is a non-executive director of Office App and he previously sat on the boards of Brolly, FalconDHQ and Qualis Flow.

Dominic has been instrumental in building the European PropTech ecosystem. In partnership with Estates Gazette (EG), he was a founding member of the EG Tech Academy which supports entrepreneurs via institutional mentoring and support from the likes of L&G and KPMG.

Prior to founding Pi Labs, Dominic spent the bulk of his career in private equity real estate with Curzon Global Partners (now Tristan Capital Partners), AEW Europe and Savills Investment Management. Through this experience, he has directly or indirectly managed, advised or transacted on over $3.3bn of real estate assets across Europe.

Dominic is a a member of EG’s Diversity & Inclusion Content Advisory Panel which fosters equality of opportunity in the real estate industry. He has a Law with French LLB degree from the University of Birmingham and an MBA from London Business School.