Press Release

Centre for London response to Migration Advisory Committee report: EEA migration

Responding to the Migration Advisory Committee’s report published today, Richard Brown, Research Director, Centre for London said:

“This report highlights the positive contribution that highly skilled EU workers bring to London’s economy. Yes we need bankers, lawyers, tech specialists, but we also need low skilled workers too.

“Nearly 30 per cent of London’s construction workers are from the EU. A huge number of European workers keep the city’s cafes, restaurants and hotels running. London’s design, artistic and tech start-ups benefit from London’s ability to draw workers from across the continent.

“Expanding the youth mobility scheme to EU workers would enable young Europeans to fill some of the gaps, and changes to the Tier 2 visa system are steps in the right direction – though the process will still be daunting for many small businesses. But we need a flexible system  – one which maintains the frictionless movement of people – to help London meet its needs.”



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