Press Release

Our response to government review of motoring policies

Responding to the announcement of a government review of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), 20mph speed limits, and other motoring policies Claire Harding, Interim Chief Executive of Centre for London said:

“These should be decisions for local communities, not central government.

Londoners support Low Traffic Neighbourhoods – in fact, people who live in LTNs are more likely to be supportive of them which suggests that people tend to like them once they’ve become familiar.

Local people’s wishes shouldn’t be subject to political whims.

Our research on LTNs found that, while mistakes were made when lots of LTNs were introduced during the pandemic and councils could do more to listen to residents going forward, overall LTNs work.

They reduce pollution and save lives, and the extra traffic on local roads around them generally disappears after a few months as drivers get used to the change.”

Notes to Editors: