Press Release

Our response to Susan Hall’s nomination as Conservative London mayoral candidate

Responding to the announcement of Susan Hall as the Conservative Party candidate for the 2024 London mayoral election, Deborah Ball, Head of External Affairs at Centre for London said:

“We congratulate Susan Hall on her selection as the Conservative candidate for next year’s mayoral contest.

The upcoming election campaign is the time for a frank and healthy debate amongst leading contenders about the many challenges Londoners face. From spiralling housing costs to high air pollution and a police force in disarray, voters need to see a Conservative response which shows they understand and care about London’s issues, rather than viewing the capital as a scapegoat.

This selection is also a welcome reminder of the importance of devolution to London. A London Assembly Member becoming a Mayoral candidate is a testament to the role local leaders play in shaping London’s affairs, without the need for involvement from Westminster politicians.

Susan Hall has made clear where she stands on the ULEZ expansion, which will now become one of the defining issues of this election campaign. Controversy over the rollout has hit the headlines already, especially due to the imminent Uxbridge by-election.

However, while scrutiny of the Mayor’s plans may prove decisive in swaying votes in outer London especially, Hall has ruled out the idea of road user charging, instead pledging to reverse the ULEZ expansion and increase speed limits for car travel in the capital. We need clarity on how her proposed strategy will incorporate the cut to transport emissions that London so desperately needs to get to its net-zero target by 2030.

London has faced difficult years in the aftermath of the pandemic, and now find itself at a crossroads during this crucial election campaign. We look forward to working with all leading candidates, including Susan, to promote the solutions needed to make sure London continues to thrive as a successful global city.”