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Centre for London Responds to Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy Draft for Public Consultation

Responding to the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy Draft for Public Consultation, Silviya Barrett, Research Manager at Centre for London, said:

“The Mayor’s draft transport strategy suggests that the age of reliance on the private car is coming to an end.

“Focusing on efficient, sustainable and active modes of travel, the targets set out are rightly ambitious. Failing to tackle congestion will reduce result in a more polluted and unpleasant capital, and damage London’s standing as a leading global city.

“So it is good to see the Mayor plans to review road user charging, to encourage further shift away from vehicle usage. The Congestion Charge Zone is woefully inadequate and out of date. Now is the time to develop a dynamic road user charging – based on trip timings, mileage and emission levels – that more accurately reflects the true cost of driving in the capital, incentivising more informed travel choices.

“The Strategy also rightly highlights the potential for tech innovations like car clubs, cycle hire schemes and digital cab services to continue to revolutionise the way we get around the city. But more detailed thinking is needed on this to ensure that we enable innovation while maximising social benefits. Failing to manage new technologies intelligently could inadvertently promote congestion and pollution, not reduce it.

“Centre for London has convened an independent commission on the Future of London’s Roads and Streets, led by Sir Malcolm Grant – chair of NHS England.

“The Commission will build on the work of the Strategy, and set out detailed policies and implementation strategies to address pollution and congestion and promote healthy and walkable roads and streets.”

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