Private Roundtable

The Challenges and Opportunities in Decarbonising London’s Transport

This event has already taken place.

London’s transport system needs to adapt to achieve the Mayor’s target of net zero carbon by 2030, and one of the biggest challenges will be having the infrastructure and technology in place to allow for effective transition.

Before the pandemic, climate change was top of the public agenda. As the country and capital moves towards recovery, the conversation on sustainability and the climate crisis has re-emerged and momentum for change is strong.

Centre for London is hosting a roundtable discussion to set out the challenges of decarbonising London’s transport and discuss practical strategies for reaching net zero across private vehicles, public transport, active travel and deliveries. We’ll explore the major hurdles including, regulation, nudging public behaviour, and electrification. We will ask how London’s leaders in local government, businesses and transport can adapt to make London a global exemplar for sustainable urban transport?


This roundtable is in partnership with Uber and is part of our climate change conference, which is generously supported by

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