Private Roundtable

Governing global London

This event has already taken place.

London has recently marked 20 years of its mayoralty but the future governance of the city feels uncertain. The government has revived its pledge to ‘level up’ the UK economy, and shift economic and political power out of the capital, while the pandemic poses huge challenges to the capital, and Brexit resets relationships within and beyond the UK.

The event is part of Phase 2 of London Futures, our major strategic review of London.

This private roundtable will focus on the future constitutional settlement for the UK, on devolution, on the relationship between local, city and national government, and how this might affect how London is governed in the future. And, given these trends, how might we want democracy and power to evolve in the capital.

  • Will devolution to cities including London be extended as the UK reshapes itself after Brexit?
  • Will current London and local government structures be maintained or reshaped, and how might London’s relationship with its wider urban area be reflected in structural reform?
  • What role will there be for more extensive and meaningful participation in governance by citizens and communities?

Our London Futures review will foster the new thinking that London needs to sustain its success and tackle its growing challenges.


This roundtable is part of Phase 2 of our London Futures project, which is generously supported by