Private Roundtable

Could further devolution help meet local needs? 

This event has already taken place.

The process of devolution to cities and regions within England has lost momentum. The new Prime Minister will need to consider how England should be governed and represented, especially as powers are returned from Brussels post-Brexit. The case for devolving more responsibility for regional and local issues has become even stronger.  

Many would argue that it would be a missed an opportunity if the next phase of devolution simply hands power from central government to the Mayor and the boroughs, without further empowering citizens and communities. Yet the campaign for more devolution to London has largely been owned by local government.  This is not always the case – ‘civil society’ organisations, such as churches, trade unions and voluntary organisations, have been and still are prominent in devolutionary campaigns in Scotland, Wales and English regions.  

This private roundtable, chaired by Ben Rogers, Director at Centre for London, will bring together civic and third sector leaders from across the city to debate the future of devolution. It will explore what local charities need from a devolutionary settlement, and what we can do to make sure the sector’s voice is heard. 

Key questions and discussion points

  • How does the sector think about and understand devolution?
  • What are the key priorities for the sector?
  • How is it engaging in movement to win further devolution?
  • What can the mayor, London councils and businesses do to support this?
  • We have a new government in place. How and where should we target central government? What action do they need to take?
  • Does Brexit present an opportunity to push for greater devolution to the local level? If so, how can we make a compelling case?

This event is invite-only. If you would like to register your interest to attend please email Amy Leppanen and Joanna Corfield.