London calling Brexit: Studying London and Londoners in a Changing UK, Europe and World

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Join Loughborough University London and Centre for London’s Dr Jack Brown, for a one-day workshop to examine the effect of Brexit on the UK’s capital city and the effect of London on Brexit.

Despite being the UK and England’s capital, a diverse metropolis of 9 million people, the UK’s economic heart, and a leading European and global city, London is often viewed through a lens of Westminster, Whitehall, ‘the City’, or ‘the metropolitan elite’. As a result, a great deal remains to be said and researched about what Brexit means for London and Londoners.

This one-day workshop, organised by the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance, Loughborough University, will together academics and members of London’s political, business, media and civil society communities to discuss London and Brexit.

VENUE: Loughborough University London, Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, E15 2GZ

Details of how to reach Loughborough University London will be emailed to all participants. Directions can also be found here.

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Welcome: Dr. Tim Oliver and Prof. Helen Drake (Loughborough University London)

Panel 1: How do we talk about London? 

  • Chair: Dr. Patria Roman-Velazquez (Loughborough University London)
  • Dr. Jack Brown (King’s College London and Centre for London)
  • Allen Simpson (London and Partners)
  • Prof. Tony Travers (London School of Economics)

Coffee break

Panel 2: Known London: What can polling, voting and policies tell us about London and Londoners today?

  • (Chair) Dr. Jack Brown (King’s College London)
  • Susana Mendonca (BBC Radio London)
  • Dr. Javier Sajuria (Queen Mary, University of London)
  • Chujan Sivathasan (Loughborough University London)


Panel 3: Unknown London: What London and Londoners are too often overlooked, ignored or sidelined?

  • Chair: Dr. Tim Oliver (Loughborough University London)
  • Alexandra Bulat (University College London)
  • Dr. Jon Mulholland (University of the West of England)
  • John Spindler (Capital Enterprise)

Coffee break

Panel 4: What’s the future for London and Londoners in a post-Brexit Britain?

  • Chair: Susana Mendonca (BBC Radio London)
  • Prof. Sarah Hall (Nottingham University)
  • Prof. Mark Kleinman (King’s College London)
  • Prof. Dan Wincott (Cardiff University and head of the ESRC’s Governance After Brexit project)
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Here East, London, United Kingdom


Here East, London, United Kingdom