The London Conference 2018

Venue: Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3LN

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How can London respond to disruptive times and become an inclusive, working capital? And what powers does the city need to manage the challenges ahead?


On the surface, London’s economy looks strong. Its population continues to grow, and employment is at a record high. But storms might be brewing. Migration to the city is falling. Brexit looms. Housing costs and low productivity growth means that economic vitality is not necessarily feeding through into improved living standards. And automation promises to render many of today’s jobs – especially less skilled ones – redundant.

At the same time, it’s been 18 years since London’s Mayor and Assembly were established. With little reform since then, and a transformed political and economic landscape, it is time to ask if London’s system of government can meet the challenges it faces.

The London Conference 2018 will explore how we can build an economy and a system of government that work for the capital in turbulent times. Questions we want to consider include:

  • Prosperity

How can we boost London’s flagging productivity and create a more prosperous city?

  • Earnings and good work

What can we do to improve earnings and create better work for ordinary Londoners?

  • Automation

What will automation mean for London’s current and future workers, and how can we ensure that they can reap the benefits it could bring?

  • Funding

With a national Spending Review looming, and government committed to further cuts to public spending, how should London respond?

  • Devolution

How can devolution and reform unlock London’s capacity to meet its housing and infrastructure needs?

8.30 – 9.00 Registration
9.00 – 17.40 Debates, discussions and quick-fire presentations
17.40 – 18.30 Drinks reception 

Listen to the Mayor’s keynote speech from the London Conference 2018 on Periscope

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The London Conference 2018

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