Under Pressure: the way ahead for London’s roads and streets


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Modal Shift - what are the practical implications?

Question time

If London wants to work collectively toward achieving the best possible outcomes for our roads and streets, we will need to consider all the practical implications behind the push towards more active and public transport. How can we find solutions to pressing challenges? What are the opportunities for collaboration?

International Best Practice: What can London learn, and what can cities learn from London?


London has big ambitions for the future of transport – and big challenges.
What can we learn from other cities’ experiences encouraging active and public transport, and what has our experience taught other cities? We’ll hear how Brussels was transformed from a city for cars to a city for people, and what London’s efforts to encourage the modal shift look like from New York.

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Liveable Streets


If we want Londoners to embrace active transport, we must make our roads and streets better places to be. Is it possible to use the tools of placemaking and street design to push for improved public health outcomes? How can we make walking and cycling more appealing to under-represented groups?


Practical ideas for promoting the modal shift

Quickfire Presentations

What innovative ideas and pilot programmes can London draw inspiration from to encourage active and public transport across our diverse communities and neighbourhoods? Each speaker will pitch a different idea, with the audience voting for the one they’d most like to see enacted in the capital.

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The future of transport and good growth

Panel Discussion and Presentations

Transport is being revolutionised by a new wave of technologies, with profound implications for cities. How can policy keep up? What type of regulation is needed? And what are the implications for the shape of the city?


This session will be opened up by Dr Venkat Sumantran, followed by a panel discussion.


Finally, Terry Farrell will give a short presentation, “A designer’s vision for the future of London’s streets and public places”

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