London’s Next Economy


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After more than 30 years of expansion, London’s economy is at a crossroads.

Post-Brexit and post-pandemic realities are setting in. Growth is not a given. The climate emergency is already impacting the city, its people and industry.

How could London’s economy be reinvented and renewed? This half-day conference explored what’s next for London on the way to becoming a low-carbon economic powerhouse.

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London’s Future in The Global Economy  

What economy should we be aiming for? We look at different visions for London’s ideal economy. How can we build consensus around a new direction and what steps can we take now to start the journey?  

London’s Next High-Value Jobs and Industries  

  • What industries will drive London’s future growth?  
  • Which sectors are here to stay, moving away from London, or set for a comeback?  
  • And most importantly – what does London need to do now to have the talent and infrastructure ready for the key industries of the future?  

Making London’s Economy Fairer  

How can we make sure growth in London benefits all Londoners? We debate the changes the city needs to tackle inequality through economic expansion.  

Creating a Net Zero Economy in London 

How can we align London’s economic aims with the transition to Net Zero? How can we balance environmental urgency with other priorities to create ‘win-wins’ and positive cycles of change? A debate on creating sustainable growth.   

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