London Conference 2015


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Welcome and introduction to the day

Capital economics: Priorities for a Successful London


It sometimes seems as if London is falling victim to its own success, with a growing population, and growing inequality undermining the things that people value in the city. What is driving London’s success? What are the broad strategies that London needs to adopt if it is to become a more successful and inclusive city? A presentation by Vivian Hunt followed by a response from Vince Cable.

Tackling the housing crisis: New Homes for Londoners


There is a strong consensus that the biggest challenge London faces is that of increasing the supply of new homes. Housing will loom large in the mayoral election. The GLA reckons that we need to build 50000 new homes a year for the next 10 years to meet demand. Many others believe the figure needs to be higher. Extra funds are needed to bring existing housing stock up to standard. This session will give an overview of some of the housing challenges facing a new mayor. We will ask leading housing experts what a new mayor needs to do to meet these challenges.

Coffee Break

Fair capital: Opportunity and justice in a global city


The London Fairness Commission’s report is due shortly before the mayoral election. This session will offer commissioners an opportunity to set out their insights and thinking to date, with questions and comments from panellists and the audience.

What I've learnt about Housing & Planning. Edward Lister & Liz Peace in conversation


Edward Lister has been the Mayor’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor for Planning since 2011. Before that he was Leader of Wandsworth for nearly 20 years. He began his career as a developer. This experience has given him a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities of developing in London. Liz Peace, former CEO of British Property Association will interview Edward about his views on the main obstacles holding back development in London and what more can be done to tackle these.

Lunch break

Green capital: Environment priorities for the Mayor


Mayoral candidates tend to campaign on the promise to tackle pollution and climate change and make London greener and a better place to live. And with air pollution and cycle safety both emerging as major political issues, environmental issues could loom particularly prominently in the 2016 campaign. Moreover, this year’s London Conference will be taking place shortly before the Paris Climate Change Congress.

Parallel sessions: Health & Innovation


Keeping London healthy

As the recent Health Commission set out, London faces some very large health challenges. These include needing to tackle unhealthy lifestyles (including childhood obesity), modernise London’s huge NHS estate, integrate health and social care and address shortages and key parts of the London health workforce. While the Mayor has little direct control over health services he or she has much more informal or ‘soft’ power. Moreover, many experts have called for the mayor to be given a greater role in running London’s NHS. This session will look at what role a mayor can play in improving London’s health and what contributions others need to make. This session has been produced in partnership with Public Health England London and the Healthy London Partnership.

London's new innovation districts & the knowledge economy

The knowledge economy is becoming an increasingly important part of the London economy. This is being driven in part by London’s universities and research institutions, which are expanding their footprints and setting up campuses well beyond their Central London heartland. This session will explore the changing face of London’s knowledge economy and ask how research institutions, boroughs, planners, developers and employers can work together to boost jobs and growth and secure regeneration.

Coffee break

Closing comments by Ben Rogers & drinks reception welcome from Nigel Milton (Heathrow Airport)