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How London fails modest earners and what should be done about it

Hollow Promise

New research from Charles Leadbeater examines the increasing pressures facing London's 'Endies' - Employed with No Disposable Income or Savings - and how the capital can provide a better quality of life for workers and families on modest incomes


The Towers debate

To mark the London Festival of Architecture 2014, Centre for London and New London Architecture brought together a panel including Sir Simon Jenkins, Rowan Moore and Sir Eddie Lister to discuss how tall buildings are changing the London skyline. Full video and audio is now available.


Connecting Tech City

We are helping London's young people access work and training opportunities whilst addressing the skills shortage in our city's growing digital sector. Huge thanks go to all who helped make our crowdfunding drive such a success - the next stage starts here!


Nations and the Wealth of Cities: A New Phase in Public Policy

Greg Clark, international cities advisor, George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, and Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Minister for Cities at the launch of Nations and the Wealth of Cities: A New Phase in Public Policy

Forthcoming Events

  • The Capital in the 21st Century
    22nd September 2014 12:00 pm

    What can the next government do for London? And what national policies will mean London making a better contribution to the UK?

  • Generation Gap: Police and Young People in our cities
    23rd September 2014 8:00 am

    Centre for London brings together panels at the Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem conferences to discuss relations between urban police and young people across the country.

  • Commission on East Thames Crossings: findings
    22nd October 2014 6:30 pm

    The Commission on East Thames Crossings, set up by Centre for London to investigate connectivity in the East Thames region, reports its findings.

  • The London Conference 2014
    4th November 2014

    The London Conference is the annual gathering of London and international city leaders. The London Conference 2014 looks ahead to next year's general election and how it might affect the capital.


  • Hollow Promise

    15th September 2014

    Hollow Promise shows how London is failing the 'Endies' - 1/5th of London's workforce who are Employed with No Disposable Income or Savings - and what can be done to help them

  • Local Owners: Promoting Employee Ownership Locally

    4th July 2014

    Employee Ownership gives staff a stake in their work, and makes for more resilient and productive businesses. Policymakers are also increasingly growing aware of the potential EO holds in invigorating local economies. But what can be done to support its growth?

  • Lessons from London Schools

    27th June 2014

    Over the last decade London schools have improved dramatically, having gone being one of the worst-perfoming regions in the country to the very best. We ask what we can learn from the rise.

  • City Views

    13th May 2014

    London’s relationship with the rest of the nation — particularly its perceived dominance over other parts of the country — has long been a key feature of the UK economy, politics and cultural life. City Views analyses new data to find out how the rest of the UK perceives the ...