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Issue I: Soft Power

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  • London Essays: Soft Power

    13th April 2015

    Centre for London launches London Essays, a new journal for London. We will be publishing the essays 3 to 4 times a year, with each issue focused on a particular theme or challenge of relevance to London and other cities. Issue 1 looks at London's soft power.

  • This Is For Everyone: Connecting Young People and the Tech City Cluster

    25th March 2015

    How can we best address the digital skills shortage facing East London's 'Tech City' cluster? We call for London's tech firms to collaborate in scaling up a series of digital learning programmes to meet the skills gap and boost local employment.

  • Trading Places: Maximising London's Exports Potential

    10th November 2014

    Trading Place looks at the changing patterns of London’s exports and of the value and accessibility of services designed to support forms with export potential.

  • The Brightest Star: A Manifesto for London

    27th October 2014

    The Brightest Star, Centre for London's Manifesto for London, sets out a bold agenda for the capital, centred on the devolution of power from central government, alongside measures to strengthen the accountability of London leaders.


  • The London Hustings

    24th April 2015

    Ahead of the General Election, Centre for London and the Evening Standard hosted the London Hustings, where the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, Green Party, and UKIP made their pitch for the capital.

  • Could London ever have its own political party?

    23rd April 2015

    With national politics seeming to become increasingly fragmented, what will the future hold for London?

  • London’s MPs must work together more for the good of the city

    22nd April 2015

    "The MPs London elects must do better at representing their city - they can’t do any worse." Ben Rogers writes in the Evening Standard ahead of the London Hustings debate.

  • Event summary: The London Hustings

    22nd April 2015

    Centre for London and the Evening Standard hosted The London Hustings, where the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Greens and UKIP made their pitch for the capital. Find out what was said.